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Biinaagami is a shared responsibility. We celebrate the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence — and advocate for their cultural and ecological sustainability.  To share the stories of the watershed. To bring people together. To help communities, organizations and people help each other take collective action to ensure the health of this incredible resource.

Biinaagami is a multi-year, collaborative project centered around a shared responsibility we all have to protect the lands and waters within the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence watershed. 


Biinaagami is a collaboration of charitable organizations, Indigenous leaders, educators, film makers and business leaders. Project partners Canadian Geographic and Swim Drink Fish have worked closely with Indigenous leaders, knowledge keepers and language speakers from the watershed to name the project and start a movement. We hope this project, these ideas and feelings will take shape and grow with every collaborator, partner, organization and individual who gets involved. A large, diverse network is needed to protect the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence watershed and we are only just beginning. 


Helping us raise awareness of the precious life sustained by the Great Lakes are seasoned film makers Ted Oakes and Merit Jensen Carr who have created a series of three awe-inspiring documentaries called Great Lakes Untamed.

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