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What's Coming

This is just the start of our journey. As the lakes and rivers flow, Biinaagami will continue to grow and change — with a wide array of tools and content that will help people explore, understand and protect the Great Lakes.   


Here are just some of the exciting pieces that are coming to help inform, educate and engage the Great Lakes community — and beyond.

  • Five curriculum-based Educators Toolkits and Giant Floor Maps of the Great Lakes Watershed that includes 12 stories that are told using augmented reality technology. The toolkits will be available to borrow to engage your local schools, organizations and communities. 


  • A series of articles and features that focus on destinations, activities and stories across the entire great lakes.


  • A suite of Information tools to help local communities better understand and protect their local waterbodies.  Including on the ground engagement such as water monitoring demonstrations, organized shoreline cleanups and interactive Q & A sessions.

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