Become a water leader today

You need water, but water also needs you.

We are all connected to water. Our actions around water stewardship have a ripple effect that expands across our communities, across oceans and even over generations. We all play an integral part in creating healthy waters, healthy communities and a healthier future. A shared responsibility.

Imagine a future where everyone has access to clean water. No more sewage outflows in the lakes and ocean, no mass deaths of plants and animals due to pollution, no plastics in our rivers and lakes, no fear in drinking your local water. A future where communities are connected to their local water bodies. This future is possible if we exercise our shared responsibility and take action.

Everyone can be a water leader!

Here are six ways you can engage as a water leader in your community:

Water leaders know and share their Watermark.

They’ve identified their unique connection to water. They know their water story, otherwise known as a “Watermark,” and they share that story to help inspire connection, protection and understanding.

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Water leaders seek education and learning opportunities.

They are curious about water and continuously seek further education, diverse perspectives and learning opportunities to help them dive deeper into their watershed. They understand that knowledge is a powerful tool in water protection.

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Water leaders experience the water.

They get out and immerse themselves in it. They swim or fish in the water, paddle in it or spend time exploring the shoreline. They connect in their own way.

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Water leaders know how to protect their watershed.

They learn about laws and regulations that protect water. They observe and monitor water over time. They may also come up with new approaches and innovative ways to protect water.

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Water leaders participate in protection.

They’re actively involved and engaged in protecting water and engaging others as well. This could be as simple as signing a petition, standing up for water at community meetings or getting involved in an environmental assessment.

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Water leaders truly commit to protecting what they love.

They become dedicated to connecting, protecting and restoring water. That commitment is unmistakable and inspires others. They persevere and put energy toward a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future for everyone.

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