Giant Floor Map

Step into the watershed

Walk alongside a water walker as she welcomes you to the watershed. Marvel at the vibrant, deepening blues of the lakes’ bathymetry. Read the names of the languages that have been spoken on the land for years untold. See how the land is being used in the network of waterways that flow across the landscape. Find your home — and be inspired by the places you could go.

The Biinaagami Giant Floor Map is the hearthstone of Biinaagami. A rich tapestry of storytelling awaits you on a map 8 by 11 metres in size, enriched with augmented-reality storytelling that will transport you to the water’s edge and into its depths.

The Giant Floor Map in action

For educators

Canadian Geographic Education’s vibrant and colourful Giant Floor Maps are unlike any other educational resource in Canada. These maps offer students an opportunity to discover and explore the diverse aspects of geography in a unique and interactive way that accommodates various learning styles and is easy to integrate at all grade levels. The maps come with a teacher’s guide and lesson plans.

These maps are shipped out, free of charge, to classrooms from coast to coast to coast.

Watch this space for updates on how you can reserve a Giant Floor Map for your school or community center. Email to ask about map availability.

Explore the watershed