Help build the network of people, organizations, businesses, First Nations and Tribes taking responsibility for a clean water future

We believe a connected and informed community of Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River advocates can make a difference. Imagine the power of one million people with a shared goal to protect and restore the lands and waters of the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem. Our collective voices are strong.

We’d like to connect with people across all political boundaries in this vast and diverse watershed.

Are you working on a project or initiative in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region? Let us know! By joining Biinaagami, you signal that it’s important to invest in protecting the waters that surround and sustain us. You also have an opportunity to inspire others and showcase your story, project, organization or business. We will invite others to follow your work so that together we can transform local action into collective impact!

If you have any questions for us before you join, please contact us.

Our Declaration

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence watershed sustains over 40 million people and thousands of species. It also influences culture: we have an inherent connection to the waters and are physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally drawn to them. Our relationship with and understanding of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River waters informs our thoughts and actions. Given the increasing population and development in the region, combined with a changing climate, we have an urgent responsibility to work together to find solutions for a clean water future.

Join Biinaagami and signal your desire to protect and care for the waters of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River by adding your name to the Biinaagami Declaration and acknowledging:

  • 1
    All life begins with water and is sustained by water. The wellness of all living things depends on the wellness of the waters.
  • 2

    The waters are powerful, and we must treat them with respect.

  • 3

    Water is sovereign and has a life force with spiritual, cultural, physical and healing importance.

  • 4

    We all have an urgent, shared responsibility to protect and care for the waters.

  • 5

    With this great responsibility comes the requirement to act. Every action has an impact.

  • 6

    Involving the sovereign First Nations and Tribes within the watershed in decision-making and problem-solving associated with protecting the waters within the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence watershed benefits all life and all people across Turtle Island.

  • 7

    Biinaagami is a collaboration open to all — and a safe space where we respect each other and respect different ways of knowing and acting.


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