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My northern lights experience


A personal encounter with the auroras that sweep the skies above the Great Lakes

My northern lights experience2023-11-10T16:14:30-05:00

Surf the Great Lakes


Alex Boutilier reveals all you need to know about winter-surfing on the Great Lakes. “You definitely learn about yourself when you surf here and it teaches you a lot about respecting the lakes.” -Alex Boutilier, Surf The Greats

Surf the Great Lakes2023-11-29T08:54:26-05:00

Explore these epic caves in Ontario


From deep caverns filled with fossils to limestone cave systems created by great waves, Ontario is home to a vast diversity of speleological scenes to discover

Explore these epic caves in Ontario2023-11-09T11:20:53-05:00

Why don’t bird feet freeze in winter?


Today on “answering questions you never knew you had”...why don’t bird feet freeze in the winter?

Why don’t bird feet freeze in winter?2023-12-05T17:41:43-05:00