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The Great Lakes Untamed

When we talk about Biinaagami as a shared responsibility, we must talk about the stories associated with this momentous moment. 


That’s why our partners, Merit Motion Pictures and Oak Island Films, bring such an exciting element of this journey of protecting and restoring the Great Lakes. These accomplished documentarians have set their eyes on helping us all to discoverand celebrate the natural history of one of our planet’s most important, beautiful, and forgotten ecosystems: North America’s Great Lakes.


“This series will astound viewers with its jaw-dropping imagery and deeply researched revelations about the Great Lakes. Great Lakes Untamed comes at a crucial moment in time, when we have the tools and knowledge to safeguard the future of these lakes and the vast diversity of life that depends on them.”

- John Ferri, VP of Programming and Content at TVO

Great Lakes Untamed Trailer 

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