Great Lakes Untamed

Experience the Great Lakes as you’ve never seen them before

Accomplished documentarians Merit Motion Pictures and Oak Island Films have set their eyes on bringing the Great Lakes watershed to the world through the landmark documentary series Great Lakes Untamed. These awe-inspiring films enrich the Biinaagami initiative and remind us of what we have to lose if we fail to protect the waters of the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Untamed takes us on a journey through this constantly evolving world that shapes the lives of millions of animals, plants and humans. Carved by the retreat of a two-million-year-old glacier, North America’s five great lakes — Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario — form the largest freshwater ecosystem on Earth and contain one-quarter of the world’s entire supply of fresh water. As wide as the Atlantic Ocean, this enormous watershed is now revealing new mysteries: rocks that glow in the dark on Superior’s shore, Canada’s longest underwater cave system beneath the Ottawa River and fish that feed in the sky. Here, life has adapted to an extreme climate on land and underwater to survive. Marvel at never-before-filmed footage of freshwater cod singing beneath the ice to find a mate, flying squirrels that glow in the dark, beautiful salamanders that use plants to breathe and the last wolverines in eastern North America.

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