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Aki Kikinomakaywin: “learning on the land”


At the Aki Kikinomakaywin culture camp, Anishinaabe youth weave worldviews together, connecting with their culture and learning to see themselves in the Western sciences

Aki Kikinomakaywin: “learning on the land”2023-11-09T15:43:42-05:00

Valérie Courtois on how to save the world


Valérie Courtois, the director of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, discusses caribou, Guardians programs and the vital role of Indigenous-led stewardship

Valérie Courtois on how to save the world2023-11-09T13:24:52-05:00

With each stroke, a breath


How a journey through the Great Lakes helped reshape my relationship with water after the loss of my father

With each stroke, a breath2023-11-02T16:13:02-04:00

Ottawa’s Pinhey sand dunes


The push to rehabilitate a remarkable ecosystem at the edge of Ottawa, the little known remnants of an ancient sea

Ottawa’s Pinhey sand dunes2024-01-23T15:22:55-05:00

Life before Lake Huron


An underwater drone is helping reconstruct submerged landscapes inhabited by people in the early Holocene

Life before Lake Huron2023-12-12T10:30:02-05:00

The call of the loon


These iconic birds have added magic to the soundscapes of Canada’s lakes for millions of years — but will we hear them forever?

The call of the loon2023-12-05T17:43:47-05:00