Ottawa’s Pinhey sand dunes


The push to rehabilitate a remarkable ecosystem at the edge of Ottawa, the little known remnants of an ancient sea

Ottawa’s Pinhey sand dunes2023-10-30T10:28:51-04:00

My northern lights experience


A personal encounter with the auroras that sweep the skies above the Great Lakes

My northern lights experience2023-11-10T16:14:30-05:00

Explore these epic caves in Ontario


From deep caverns filled with fossils to limestone cave systems created by great waves, Ontario is home to a vast diversity of speleological scenes to discover

Explore these epic caves in Ontario2023-11-09T11:20:53-05:00

Infographic: Canada’s 10 largest lakes by volume


This infographic depicts Canada’s 10 largest lakes, in order of volume, using relatively sized spheres to help you visualize and compare thousands of cubic kilometres of water.

Infographic: Canada’s 10 largest lakes by volume2023-11-09T11:28:17-05:00